Posted by: mrgaudet | January 27, 2009

Last Post Here! Skyaak french TV debut on Z Tele

Excited to let you know that we are tightening up a few loose ends and shifting the url of this blog directly to the Mother Ship at

From now I will posting and hosting on the skyaak blog at this spot.

I just wanted to let you down gently by sharing the current blog post at

So from now on you are invited to CLICK THROUGH to the new url!

In the meantime, have fun, happy skyaak-ing and see you there!

auto-portrait 09

Michael Gaudet

Introducing Mathieu Gratton, host of the popular Montreal-based TV show Le Banc d’Essai du Peuple” or Taking it to the People

Mathieu Gratton with Skyaak in Montreal

Click on Mathieu to view the TV feed from the recent feature on Skyaak, where he takes it to the streets of Montreal.

Just scroll down about a third of a page from where you land and you will see the thumbnail for the Skyaak video.

Received the DVD today in the mail from the producers of the show. They sent along a request that I not replicate the DVD in any way. I found the link to the Skyaak segment on their website with a link provided. So it’s all good. I can share the video with you now through their link.

My grasp of the french language is a tad spotty, anyone who can help me out with some translation would be greatly appreciated.

Judging by the ‘body language’ and overall enthusiasm here, I would wager a guess that Skyaak was quite well-received on the cosmopolitan streets of Montreal.

It’s worth clicking through to watch this. It’s kind of priceless really. Check out how excited the little canine participant is to encounter his very first Skyaak. My spider senses are tingling…could this be a message that we should be looking at R&D into the Skyaak ‘fetch’…?


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